1964 World’s Fair & Men in Black | Queens, NY

Who remembers Men in Black?

Me! I do! Hell, I wanted to be a member… I actually was one for Halloween a few years ago with Pat, and have the business cards to prove it.

Will Smith;Tommy Lee Jones

Anyway, the World’s Fair. After dragon boating with my friend, Chris (yup, I said dragon boating), much to my surprise, I saw the alien ship from MIB in the distance. Holy shitballs! Remember that scene where the big ass cockroach is trying to escape earth and he climbs that tower to reach his ship, which is perched on top? Kicking Will Smith’s *ahem* Agent J’s ass in the process? Yeah, that really exists… Minus the ship and the gigantic bug.


Short history lesson: this is where the world fair was held back in 1964. I’d explain more, but you can google it yourself.

“Don’t start nothing, won’t BE nothing!”

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