Skydiving | A Freefall to Earth

It’s freestyle Friday! Yes, I actually just said that. I’d like to keep my Monday’s at international travel, Wednesday’s at local travel or urban exploration, and my Friday’s at, well, whatever type of escape I please! My random thoughts shall pave the way.

True life: I’m an adventure junkie. Others would call me a thrill-seeker. While many of these escapes happen during my travels, such as cliff diving in Mexico, some happen right here on the East Coast. Let’s chat about sky diving.


See that little person in the picture? That’s my cousin Suzy. Remember Jennilyn? She’s taking this picture because I’m too busy jumping around in excitement like a maniac.

If you haven’t gone skydiving and you are curious – GO! Don’t let fear hold you back. It is an absolutely incredible experience. Climbing into a little aircraft, taking off into the sky and watching as you pass above the clouds is exhilarating. I recommend Skydive Sussex in NJ. Their instructors are experienced and add flavor to your trip with their spunky personalities. When that plane door opens and you look down at the ground below you, you will somehow still hear your heart pounding over the screaming wind. Tuck and roll, right? Three words I will never forget, “GO GO GO!” The moment your body drops out of the plane and you feel completely weightless… it still gives me chills to think of it.

earth165I wish I could tell you exactly what I was thinking as I plummeted toward the earth. It certainly wasn’t a fear of death, but most simply that I felt alive. There is no other experience like it. Let me tell you – when he pulls the cord, your first thought will be, “already!?!!”


We came and conquered. For Jennilyn, this was a sixth successful jump. Hell, we plan to go again next summer. For Suzy, once was enough. Although if you ask her, she is still glad she tried.

Carpe diem.

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