About Time: The Greatest Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

About Time, starring the gorgeous Rachel McAdams and adorable Domhnall Gleeson, is quite possibly the greatest movie in 2013 that you’ve never heard of. By the same creators of Notting Hill and Love Actually, comes a cosmic blend of romance, comedy and sci-fi.

Here’s the thing, it took me two months after downloading it to watch it. Why is that? I had two main concerns, and hopefully by sharing them with you, I can put your mind at ease and you can go watch this movie.

1. “Love Actually, huh? I really don’t need another sappy chick flick.”

Alas, it is not! This was by far my greater fear. No overly intense, wildly unlikely romance. No tragic live triangles. No awkward over passionate moments. No annoying chick always crying. No drama. Just a good old fashioned romance. Enough to make you smile, and often giggle (it’s actually quite funny!) without leaving you grossed out or depressed.

About Time

2. “Time travel? Really? Is this Butterfly Effect meets Time Travelers Wife? Because let’s face it, both left me pretty mixed up in the head.”

Nope. The time travel is tastefully done – certainly not an over kill. Without giving anything away, lets just say its as close to reality as possible. Think of a mellow time travel. As real as possible, you know, with time traveling still being impossible.


Ok, now go watch it.

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