The Escape Artist

I like to think of myself as an escape artist. Not the Houdini type of escape artist, where the struggle is preset, but more like someone who knows how to escape a tough situation that already exists.  Life can be tough, and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have yourself a little escape – a rejuvenating break.

So, I’ve decided to write a blog. In fact, I’ve decided to write a blog quite a few times, but have gotten hung up in one way or another. I struggle to stick to only one topic. Life is connected. As humans, our thoughts, our emotions, our experiences are linked. Why shouldn’t a blog be too?

First and foremost, you can consider this a travel blog. I’ve been traveling all of my life and have stories upon stories to share. I’ll show you where I’ve escaped through my words and through my images. Ill show you places you’ve only dreamed of – places that put life into perspective.

How about our everyday forms of escape? I’ll get into those too. Escapes can be found in your family, in your best friend, in a favorite book – the list is endless.

Join me and share my experiences: past, present and future. Let’s escape together.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. I’m a pretty friendly person.