Top Movies of 2013

It’s that time of year. Everyone reviews some aspect of 2013. You can’t fight it – it’s everywhere! I noticed that a lot of people are reviewing the best movies of 2013 and I have to say, I disagree with the vast majority of them. So I shall do my own.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Amazingly (perhaps surprisingly) good. The first book was great (as was the first movie), but the second book was pretty shitty. I remember thinking that it was really just an extension of the first book – an obstacle in the way of me getting to the ending (the third, and final book). The movie BLEW the book away. Even if you didn’t read the books, it is worth seeing. I’d watch the first one first though.

Hunger Games

Gravity: DAMN. I nearly had a panic attack in the theater while watching this film. Not only is the acting fabulous, but the concept is outrageous. My cousin’s biggest argument prior to watching it was, “what are they going to do for 2+ hours in space to make this movie worth seeing?” I won’t give it away, but the film is relentless. Sandra is great. Action packed from the very beginning. I agree with critics on this one – it is awesome in the literal sense.


World War Z: Okay, I was super pissed at this movie the first time I saw it. It is NOTHING like the book. If you put that bias aside, it is actually a fantastic movie. Yum, Brad. Ahhhhh a whole new take on zombies. They change quick, they are fast and they are frightening. Not only was the movie itself executed perfectly, but they kept you on your toes throughout the whole film.


Lone Survivor: Mark gets me every time. He is such an amazing actor and there is just something about him. This film tells a heartbreaking story of SEAL’s in Afghanistan and they sure to act well. I loved it. Intense storyline, constant action, great acting.

Lone Survivor

Honorable Mentions:

This is the End: I hate dumb humor. Everyone knows that. However, this movie (specifically the first half hour or so) had me laughing hysterically. What makes this movie funny to me, is that these famous actors are playing themselves. I love it! Once it goes all alien on your ass, it moves into the more silly-type of humor and loses me a bit.


The Wolverine: Yum. Good movie, lots of fun to watch. Tons of ass-kicking action and man, Hugh is still so unbelievably hot. Can’t lie – the film was better because I got to see him  with his shirt off a few times.


Pacific Rim: I took me a while to see this one because I feared it was another Transformers. It is not. Let me be clear on that. It is not like transformers. The film is very creative and weaves a good story. Yes, there are still the alien threats, but we defend our country through the robotic weapons (the ones that look like transformers, but are controlled by people). Also, Charlie, my future husband is the star… God I love that man.


Prisoners: The power of angry fathers!!! Just as I said with Taken, this is my dad, so crazies beware. Classic kidnapping story, but creatively executed. Shows the lengths someone can go to when someone they love is threatened. Very cool.


Man of Steel & Star Trek Into Darkness: I feel like I don’t even need to provide explanation of these ones. They were, as we expected them to be, awesome. Hands down, they did not disappoint.



Some of the films that don’t make my top lists (which are found on most of the others) are:

Fast and the Furious 6: Yes, they still make these. To be fair, this movie was actually pretty awesome. I stopped really following after the 2nd movie – they became too similar (kind of like the Saw movies)… hot guys and gals racing sexy cars. If you know me at all, you know I love a hot guy in a sexy car, but I also like to be surprised. The 6th installment was kind of great, in a Men in Black 3 sort of way, but didn’t quite make it to the top 10 in my book.

Mud: I literally fell asleep 10x during this movie. Every time I woke up, they were on the god damn beach again. I love Matthew McConaughey but Jesus Christ… Decent idea. Slow Execution.

Captain Phillips: Very cool movie. Great acting. Entertaining to watch. Top list? Close, but no.

The Conjuring: Scary, yes. Unpredictable? Negative.


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