Birthday Musings

People ask me every year why I go out of my way to celebrate my birthday.

Am I excited to be another year older? Certainly not. When did this happen? I remember when 28 was “old,” and when that age was for husbands, white picket fences, and newborn babies… Well, what can you do. I do know one thing: I’ve made these 28 years count. I’ve lived. And while my “living” may be not be according to those mysterious guidelines we all know about, I’ve sure had one hell of a time!

Is it for the presents? No, those tend to stop once you pass your teenage years. Plus, those special people who give you presents would do so even if you chose to celebrate alone, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere (right, mom?).

How about the attention? Like those spoiled kids that used to be on MTV. Nope, not that either. If you want to come celebrate with me, you won’t be getting free food (though based on previous parties, you can trust in tequila shots), Tiesto won’t be spinning live, and I certainly don’t want to talk about my birthday while wearing a diamond tiara. **EDIT: Based on last night (and many other nights), you will in fact be getting free shots**

So, what is it? Why do I try to get everyone together? Why do I try to do something memorable to mark the year?

The first and easiest answer is that it’s a time to celebrate. A celebration is a time to enjoy each other’s company, with no strings attached. Nobody starts fights, cries about their boyfriends, or bitches about work… why? Because it’s supposed to be about celebrating someone else. The special part is that… *shhhhh*… I don’t want to be celebrated – I just want the side effects! Hell, you could come and not even talk to me – I just want to see the people in my life happy. Happiness is contagious. Who couldn’t use some extra happy in their lives?

The more complicated reason is that you never know when a celebration could be your last. Not in a morbid way, but in a “treat every day as if it was your last” way. Carpe diem (that’s YOLO for all you youngins). Throughout my life, I’ve had friendships come and go – some as fast as springtime breezes. In most cases, nothing actually went wrong. Someone moves away. Someone gets a new job. Someone gets busy. Someone gets boring (we’re being honest, right?) Bottom line is that that someone doesn’t fit into your life anymore. Change. It happens all the time. Why fight it? Just enjoy every moment while it lasts.

So, with that, thanks to everyone who made an effort to celebrate my birthday with me this year (or plan to in the next few days). It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is greatly appreciated.

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