Career Moves | Using an Escape to Escape

Towards the end of the day, I began a task that filled me with mixed emotions: cleaning out my desk. Turns out, I am a sucker for hand written terms of endearment, I take way too many notes (you can thank my OCD for that – yay for organizational skills), and I’ve made some amazing friends over the years, both online and offline. The speed with which it all happened was incredible. In less than a week I had to make a major life decision – to stay or to go. After over four years with my current company, I accepted another offer.

My cousin recently shared an article he read by a nurse about the most frequently expressed regrets by people on their death beds. Not the happiest read, but certainly one that put things into perspective. One of the items on the list was, “I wish that I had let myself be happier.” I struggle with this all the time.

One of my personal escapes has always been through entertainment. Books, tv shows and movies have always given me a way to escape the everyday. A way to live inside someone else’s world for a while (ahem, Jade Bennett). I always laugh when someone hands me a book about business to read for pleasure. Granted, these types of books are wonderful for specific times, but for enjoyment? Not I. I want to fly with dragons, fight in the apocalypse, become a mafia hit man… Not read about what Donald Trump would have done over breakfast.

So what’s this have to do with the new gig, right? My new company lets me do similar work to what I am doing now… for the entertainment industry! Here I was worried about spending too much time watching Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, The Walking Dead, etc etc… Now I get to use my talents and apply them to one of my personal escapes. I would say that’s letting myself be happier, wouldn’t you?!?

Only time will tell, but it is a step in the right direction. I have learned so much over the years at this company and cannot express how much it is appreciated. Of course there were days I wanted to “quit epically” – somewhat similar to the quitting scene in the movie Wanted – but when I look back at it all, I can’t help but do so with a smile.

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