“Divergent: “Fear Doesn’t Shut You Down, It Wakes You Up”

I started the Divergent trilogy a long time ago, without realizing I had to wait for the 3rd book to come out. I hate, HATE starting a series that hasn’t concluded. Truth is, I will forget the story after switching – I don’t care how good it is. Okay fine… I remember pieces of a great one, which is why I picked up Allegiant.

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Remember how the Hunger Games started out epic in the first, dipped in the second and finished semi satisfying in the third? Don’t lie, you know it’s true. To be clear, this does not apply to the movies,because the second movie was awesome. Speaking of movies, you may have seen that the series I’m talking about is coming out! Divergent. You know what that means – start reading! Back to the subject: I bought the book and started remembering Divergent and Insurgent as I continued… didn’t regret it one bit.

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The trilogy is creative, intense, and has just enough fantasy to keep you out of the real world, without making you embarrassed to tell your coworkers you are reading about vampires. Another thing I love is that it isn’t overly predictable. And it doesn’t poop rainbows and butterflies. It did have romance, but it was a great romance ::sigh::

So what’s it about? It has factions, kinda similar to the idea of factions in the hunger games, but based on personality traits, not careers. You’re a nerd?  There’s a faction for you. You’re the humanitarian type? Got one for you too. You’re a glutton for honesty? Yup. And if you’re an adrenaline junkie like me? Oh yea – hello Dauntless faction.

(SLIGHT) SPOILER ALERT: It’s funny – as I was grabbing these pictures I found a bunch of reviews on the trilogy set. A ton of people are saying that the first two books were great, but that the third ruined it. “Stay away,” they said. I literally laughed. What suckers. This is the first “young adult” novel I’ve read in a long time that doesn’t end like you’d expect. Life isn’t always perfect. There isn’t always happy endings. Man up, kids. The third book was exactly as it should be.

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