Fort Totten | An Abandoned Military Fort

Because I can’t seem to keep away from military forts… first installment of Fort Totten. It must be the grandiosity of it all – they are beautiful structures, and let’s be honest, the men belonging to them aren’t that bad on the eyes either.

Behind the baseball field there is a battery area that is extremely easy to get into and is relatively stable. Lots of areas to explore, as you can probably get a hint of in the below pictures.


Here’s the funny thing… We happened to go during the bases Family Day. For those of you who don’t know, this is when our lovely armed forces invite their blood families to the base to meet their second families, eat and drink in the sunshine, and play games. This also means that there are a TON of people everywhere.. Not the easiest to explore off limit areas when there are 50 potential witnesses running around. Anyway, who cares about abandoned buildings anyway, right?


If you walk toward the water, you’ll see the Water Battery. LISTEN. If you walk back toward the Visitors Center there is a long tunnel leading down – follow that. You do not need to jump the two fences that are parallel to the water. We learned that the hard way.


The Water Battery is beautiful. Not many areas to explore, but seriously a photographers dream. While I’m not a photographer, I got some pretty decent pictures.


Anyway – I’d say until the next time I cover a military fort, but I think I’ve covered them all for a 50 mile radius.

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