Hang Gliding | The Human Bird

Because really, who wouldn’t want to fly!? I don’t know about anyone else, but the few dreams I’ve had where I could fly have been some of the best. Hell, even outside of dreams, I’ve always wanted to soar through the clouds, high above the skyscrapers I work in every day… feel the breeze in on my face…


Okay, so if you are scared of heights, maybe this isn’t something that excites you, but rather, makes you want to curl up in a corner and cry. Hang gliding is NOT – I repeat – NOT something for you to try. Thankfully I love heights, and have a best friend who knew this was a great idea for my birthday present!


Some people have asked me which was scarier – skydiving or hang gliding. For me, it was absolutely hang gliding. Something about being suspended in the air, relying only on wings to carry you safely to the ground, bobbing and swooping up and down on wind gusts, really puts the butterflies in your stomach. Then, unlike skydiving, you stay doing this dance for quite a long time before you feel the ground… Which is quite awesome when you think about it. You are quite literally flying like a bird, facing the winds head on and watching the world pass by below.


One moment that was comparable to skydiving was the moment you are released from the tiny plane which tows you up into the sky. Ever been on that ride in most theme parks which is similar to an elevator losing control? The ride drops you from the top, and you have that moment where it feels like your insides have gone missing and you’re weightless, with your heart in your throat… THAT’S what it feels like when that tiny train leaves you on your own, high up in the sky.


Granted, that’s similar to the feeling I described with the moment you jump from the plane in skydiving. However, the key factor is that I controlled the jump, instead of a wee little plane. Which, my friends, is why I’ll opt for skydiving any day.

If you do go, go with Hangar 3 (specifically Bryon Estes and Thomas Atkins). They are fantastic. Highly recommend them.

Now to find someone who will teach me how to base jump..

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