Happy Hump Day!

As an analyst specializing in social listening (which is basically monitoring and analyzing conversations that appear online about a brand or product), I figured I should work some random tidbits into my blog posts… why not start with Hump Day!


In lieu of a new show set to premiere in 2015, I was asked to take a quick look into sexually themed conversations online. Why? So we know when to advertise and how best to strategize when trying to reach those chatty little buggers.

Did you know that sexual conversations appear over 99.6 MILLION times per month?


A lot. Right.

But what’s weird is that they occur most often in the beginning of the month, steadily decreasing as the month goes on. Do first-of-the-month bills have people stressed? Perhaps.

decreasing bar chart

So does this change depending on the month? Slightly, but not much. Turns out, January had the most chatter, while September had the least. What about February, the month of love, you ask? Nothing. It’s low. Hopefully people are out actually getting some, rather than talking about it online, eh?


The most discussion happens between 8PM and 12AM. No shocker there. However, what is a bit of a shocker is that Wednesday is the most active day to chat about sex online. Well… Wednesday is “Hump Day,” right? Happy Hump Day, ya’ll!

CaptureAnd I’ll leave you with something that made me chuckle while I searched for images to include…


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