I’m Back!

Thanks to the very handsome Gus, I am now back up and running. Didn’t realize I left, did ya? Well, I did. Life got busy… though not entirely in a bad way. Good news is, I have a lot of new adventures to share.


A few changes! Twitter page? Gone. Facebook page? Gone. I have my own personal accounts, so why duplicate? In a meeting this afternoon, we were discussing the direction of social, and spent some time laughing about clients that do things simply to do them. Launching a new TV show? Quick! Setup Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr… Social isn’t about covering ALL the social platforms, but rather, covering the RIGHT platforms. Bottom line, that was me… #FAIL.


The only thing you need, in addition to this blog right here, is a better look at the pictures. Trust me, that’s what you want to see. Sooooo, say hello to my Instagram link! It’s over on the right.

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