Inside the Old City Hall Subway Stop

Ah ha! We’ve finally done it. The long closed subway station under City Hall has finally been seen. Granted, we didn’t enter the system via foot, but we did hang out the subway divider… Does that count?


I certainly hope so, since we did it three times and I feel pretty awesome about it. Although my pictures do not feel the same.


For others who are interested: go jump on the 6 train and stay on (you know that already, I know…). But here’s the thing. Go at rush hour. Seriously. Trains are constantly running and no one cares about anything except getting home from a shitty day at work. No one checks the trains, and there’s no delay in opening and closing the doors. Hell, do what we did and keep switching platforms to go again and get a better look! And do yourself a favor… Stand between the cars. No point in taking pictures of your own reflection through the window.



For some better pictures (and more information), check out this article by Evan Bindelglass.

On to the next!!

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