Let’s Have Some Fun (Seriously)

You know how some songs give you goosebumps? How those songs, no matter when you hear them, make you feel like you’re on the top of the world? And there is NOTHING like hearing them at a concert… The songs that let you scream your heart out, as if the song was the god damn anthem of your life. The songs that let you not give a damn about what is happening around you – that the only thing that matters is right then, in that moment? I fucking love those songs.


It is rare to find a band that has more than one of these songs, and even harder to find one that has an entire album of them. Alas, Fun does.


Here’s an awesome memory for you. Amy, Jennilyn and I went to go see them on Pier 26 this past summer (great venue, btw). They play every song I want to hear – even Out on the Town (which is NOT on their set list). I like to think that was because they love me back… oh hush. Let a girl dream. Anyway, let me tell you, they are amazing in concert. The crowd they attract is great too, so you don’t have some annoying asshole pushing you the whole time, or some stupid girl always complaining and fixing her hair. No drama – just fun (pardon the pun, I couldn’t help it).


So they play it all – One Foot, At Least I’m Not As Sad – which is the best drunk song you will ever sing -, Take Your Time (yes, radio fans they did play Some Nights, We Are Young and Carry On), but then it really got magical…

Just for reference, the sky was rumbling the whole time. It sprinkled on us throughout the show which was great (because it was HOT), but then all of a sudden the skies open up. Picture this – Nate is singing his little heart out to Stars, the crowd is singing along in a straight-up no-bullshit downpour, and everyone is waving their arms back and forth to the beat.


The best part of it all? Looking to my sides and seeing Jennilyn and Amy, completely soaked and singing their hearts out with me. There are just some moments you don’t forget in life – this will be one of mine.

Go on… give them a chance! Your foot will be tapping in no time.

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