Midnight in Paris

When you think of movies in Paris, I bet many of you think of the Moulin Rouge. True. But what about Midnight in Paris? For those of you who don’t know, the film’s star, Owen Wilson, travels back in time after getting into a Peugeot Type 176 at midnight from the steps of the St. Etienne du Mont. Each night he escapes into the past to hang with living legends like Ernest Hemingway and Van Gogh.


So, was the highlight of my trip seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Louve? Or was it exploring the catacombs beneath the city? Perhaps it was reflecting in Notre Dame or Montmartre? Nope. It was sitting on those magical steps at midnight (well, almost), awaiting my ride. After leaving the church, we strolled down a side street, dreaming of the roaring 1920’s, and found a cafe to sit and have a drink and a smoke.


In life, we have these moments. Moments that we realize, as we are making them, that they will be treasured and remembered forever. The hilarious one-liners, the priceless facial expressions… There’s an invisible bond that kind of hovers over you, and you just know.. This is one of the great moments.

So, while we didn’t travel back in time (trust me, we kept an eye out for the car and a clear running path), it was worth it.


What’s that you say? What about Les Miserables, when one of the best stories in the world? I haven’t forgotten. While I didn’t get to do the sewer tour, I did see the wall Jean Valjean jumped during his escape, as well as the Hotel de Ville where a powerful revolution scene occurs in the film.

All in all, it was a satisfying trip to Paris for the immense movie geek inside me.

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