Game of Thrones. Aye. Thats a verra bonnie story, is it no? Ye ken, before that wee tale, there was an even greater tale, known by the name of Outlander.

Och! I canna do this for the whole story, as I dinna ken enough of the words.


So, guess what… we’re going to Scotland! Me and the bestie, that is. I’d be lying if I said that this book series didn’t play a role in selecting a highland adventure. What I wouldn’t give to find me a Jamie Fraser…


Back to the story!! It’s a good one. While I haven’t yet finished the entire series (it gets a bit daunting when you read two hours a day, but hey, what story wouldn’t…), I do plan to finish. Perhaps before we set off this August, so that I can add even more to our Scotland itinerary. But really, nothing could make me more appreciative of the rolling hills of Scotland, than Diana Gabaldon herself.

I mean, who could pass up a chance to see Fingal’s Cave? Or the Isle of Skye, and it’s fairy pools?! Not I.

PicMonkey Collage

The Outlander series has love and loss, revenge and peace, truth and deception… all the pillars of a good story. So, read it. Even if you just read the first one (or two), since those are the best.

P.S. Starz has a TV series based on Outlander, in case you’re interested. While I’d rather have you read the book, the show is certainly worth tuning in to… Oh hello there, Jamie!



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