Sons of Anarchy vs Breaking Bad

Disclaimer: There are a whole ton of spoilers in the below. You’ve been warned, brutha.

After seven intense years, Sons of Anarchy has come to an end. Hearts broke across the world as Jax took his final ride…right into a tractor-trailer. After all, who was there left to kill? Personally, I would have ended the series with last week’s bullet into  Gemma’s head. Or if loose ends really needed to be tied up, perhaps it should have ended at the table with the mayhem vote, or even with Abel and his father’s rings. Nope. It needed to end with Jesus *ahem* Jax, arms out, riding right into a truck, while a personal parade of cops followed him.

Okay, okay… I’m hating just a bit. Here’s the thing, though: I LOVE Sons. I LOVE Sutter. Always have. So can you blame me for being a bit disappointed? He has never let me down before, but I must admit I wasn’t terribly impressed with the final episode last night. However, I am not part of the majority.

When looking at only positive and negative mentions for last night’s finale, positive mentions came in at a score of 92%. To give you some context, I took a look at another high profile drama show that we all know and love, Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad’s positive score came in 6 percentage points higher, at a score of 98%.

While Breaking Bad dominated in terms of final episode buzz (as well as final season buzz), its previous seasons were equal or below Sons of Anarchy. Why? Because Breaking Bad was a show you heard about from other people, then binge watched to catch up before the finale. Sons of Anarchy, despite a small dip in its 3rd season, consistently generated a high share of buzz, right up until the final season. So where did it go wrong? It didn’t. The final season was explosive and violent, keeping viewers engaged. However, it was also drawn out and a tad predictable. The final episode just didn’t have the demand to watch that Break Bad did.

So what do these two programs have in common that can’t be argued? The fans will miss the hell out of them.



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