Sunset’s 68th Precinct | Brooklyn, NY

In sunset park, on the corner of 4th avenue and 43rd street, lies the old 68th police precinct that closed down over 40 years ago. Once an ominous warning to criminals, the beautiful precinct now sits abandoned, crumbling from the inside out.


While the outside of the building, along with its accompanying stable, remain strong, the interior has collapsed, looking as if a bowling ball was dropped from the sky, crushing the roof, and the building’s three floors, right down into the basement.


Even the arched doorways, which stand relatively intact from the outside, have fallen.


The same rings true for the walkway between the two buildings, as the walls have begun to crumble and the floors have begun to sink.


At this time, the precinct is on the market, and is classified as a landmark property. In other words, whoever buys this stunner will need to restore its outside facade to its original beauty. However, that “whoever” has their work cut out, as repairs to this currently  very dangerous building will indeed be  costly and time-consuming. No question about it though, it will be gorgeous.

 Special thanks to Daddy-O for getting me in legally, using his Brooklyn big-timer powers!

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