Thank You, Roadtrippers.

Last Friday (December 26th) was our official “Thank You Note” day (I kid you not, they have official days for everything). While I have many people I would thank during my Oscars speech, I’d like to thank one very special source for giving me adventure inspiration.


Despite working in social media, I rarely get recommendations to “like” or subscribe to something in which I actually have an interest. But one day, my good friend and epic world traveler, Lauren, told me to check out Roadtrippers. I liked it – to say the least.

Wait a minute.. Hold the phone… They cover urbex sites? No, no.. They can’t be fans of the surreal locations also… Did I just see them cover extreme sports? All this AND travel? …. Are any of these guys single? Heaven, I’ve found my soul mate.

All kidding aside, these people are awesome. When I grow up, I want to be them. Subscribe to their pages for daily inspiration. Bookmark their website for the next time someone asks you about the coolest places on earth. Download their app before your next road-trip.

Every week someone asks me, “how did you find out about that place?” or “why did you decide to travel there?”… Well, here’s your insiders look to a source which has had a part in a lot of those decisions.

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