The Fault in Our Stars: Before It Hits the Big Screen

On this cold Sunday morning, I decided to catch up with my Entertainment Magazine subscription.  I love the idea of getting magazines and newspapers, but I have a bad habit of not actually reading them. Since Entertainment is now relevant to my job (along with my personal interests), I decided it was a good habit-breaking choice.


I read a book a few months ago that I wanted to recommend. The Fault in Our Stars is a fantastic book, and should be added to your list of books to read. Not the happiest of tales, but beautifully written and wonderfully creative. The book tells the story of Hazel and Augustus, two teens who end up falling in love at a Cancer Support Group and their struggles. I know – you want to avoid another depressing novel, but just give it a chance. It is one of those novels that stay with you even after you read the last page. Know what I mean? While the novel is breathtakingly realistic, it doesn’t focus on the details of the disease, but rather, the side effects in life. In fact, cancer aside, the novel teaches you to think of life in a different way that you are used to – that, to me, is something that truly makes a novel great. John Green wraps you in his tale until you begin to feel Hazel Grace’s heart break as your own.


What does this have to do with Entertainment Magazine? Great question. The move, The Fault in Our Stars, comes out on June 6th. Everyone knows, 9 out of 10 times, the book is better than the movie. And if you didn’t plan on seeing it in the theaters, your view of the novel will become tainted once the trailers begin, so read it now. Okay? Okay.


Also, another one that is coming out on film is Gone Girl. The film won’t be out until October, but its another must read novel. COMPLETELY different type of novel from the one I describe above, but holy cow – it will get your heart pumping. Talk about a good thriller. Even more powerful if you’ve had your own run with creepy, stalker-ish relationships. Actually, this is so far from the book I recommend above, that I’m going to stop right now and continue this another time.


Auf Wiedersehen (sorry, I’m reading Life After Life and am picking up some German).



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