Time for a Change

Have you missed me? It has been a bit. I tried to keep up with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing but honestly it’s exhausting.

I’m going to level with you. We all know I’m not going to be a famous travel blogger. For a bit, I really did think that it might happen but honestly, do you know how much effort goes into blogging?!?! Jesus Christ, forget the writing part of it… you have to network… you have to optimize (think SEO)… you have to do so many things besides write that frankly it’s exhausting. I just want to write, god damnit!!!

 Alas, that is what has me writing here today. I won’t be publicizing the decision, or any of these posts, from now on. Lets face it, unless I’m linking to the blog, most people won’t ever remember or care enough to visit – and that’s okay! Those who will follow along will actually WANT to…
…and that right there is a very special thing.

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