UFC 168 | Recap

WOW. Seriously… what a night for UFC. Anyone who tuned in on Saturday night will relate, especially the long time fans. Here I was ready for the second biggest upset in UFC history with my girl Tate, and instead received a whole different kind of shocker with Silva in the second.


There were certainly some interesting match ups for the night. I have to say the replay of Hall’s jab to Leben’s face, leading to Leben’s downfall, was quite amusing. Those slow mention hard hits are always something with the ripple effect (you know what I mean). However, our final two fights were, as expected, history-making.

Let’s start with my girl Tate. My god, I really wanted her to win over the obnoxious Rousey. Both women are amazing fighters (as well as smart and beautiful women), but I think its pretty clear that Tate’s personality greatly outshines Rousey’s. What killed me was Rousey’s latest interview where she basically admits to going after Tate for publicity reasons. What a bitch. Even I want to give her a good kick to the head (even though I would most certainly get my ass handed to me). I digress. Rousey ended up winning with – surprise – an arm bar, but Tate put up a fight through the 3rd round. You heard me – third round! Finally, someone got Rousey past the first round. Then to have the crowd boo all throughout her post-fight interview was priceless. One day, Rousey, one day!


OKAY. The Silva fight. One of the most anticipated in history. Again, both talented fighters. BEYOND talented honestly. I have a thing for Weidman – born in New York, all american boy, cute as a button (I hate that phrase – forgive me)… preference aside, I knew he could take Silva like he did in the first match. I was thrilled that he got the rematch to prove it. Did I expect it to end in that way? Not quite. Before we get to that, let’s be honest – it wasn’t as if Weidman wasn’t already owning that fight. He was. He won. He deserved it. BUT DAMN – what an unfortunate turn of events. Poor Silva – we literally witnessed the end of his career – such a spectacular fighter who will most likely never get in the ring again. He did not deserve that – he deserved so much more. Alas, fate has intervened. Sadly.


Real quick – how crazy was that!?! I mean, think of how HARD that kick must have been to literally SNAP both the tibia and the fibula at once… that is one replay that will never be forgotten. If you haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. It is intriguing, I know, but you will NEVER be able to un-see what you will see. Holy cow. Seriously.

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