Wake Up, New York!!

While I love technology, some times I just want to rip the cellphones out of people’s hands and smash them on the ground. Yes! I want to go on a smashing spree… Why? Let’s chat.

Walking in the street. This is probably the most obviously offensive place to be sucked into your cell phone. Despite the fact that you THINK you are walking straight, you aren’t. You’re dodging and weaving like we’re playing hockey and I’m attempting to score a goal. I’ve got places to be, and if we aren’t engaging in an awesome game of Frogger, you need to move.


Getting off public transportation. We’ve been pent-up for over and hour and NOW you’re going to pull out your cell phone? Just as we are reaching the exit gates!? I know, you need directions or updates. Great, but move to the side.


When you’re walking toward me with something potentially damaging in your hand. No, not a weapon. How about a lit cigarette aimed for my coat? Or a baby carriage headed toward my ankles? Or God forbid, an umbrella! You are not alone in the world sweetheart, be aware of your surroundings.

As it is, people have become unaware of their surroundings… like somehow we lost the ability to use our peripheral vision. I get it – it happens, but these people who are blissfully unaware should not be allowed any enablers.


Not to mention the fact that people’s social skills have declined so rapidly that face to face encounters have become rare. God dammit! Did you see that kid that was on a boat texting and missed a whale pass by? A fucking whale?! Get your faces out of your cellphones and experience life, you fools. You may only have one – which may be shorter if you fall off the subway platform while trying to collect jewels, slide numbers, or whatever the hell popular games want you to do now.


Ummm.. sorry about that. Rant over… coffee, anyone?

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