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Escape Room Boat

Break In & Free the Dolphins, Before the Ship is Blown Sky High!

Quick Details

2-3 Players Per Person
4-6 Players Per Person

Dana Point Escape Room Boat

“The Lost Earth” – An Immersive High-Tech Escape Boat Break-in Experience. Break into Lily, a real 62-foot working boat, and help us save the dolphins. The game is private. Only your team is allowed in the rooms.


For several months now we have been leasing out our whale research vessel, Lily.

We thought the lessees were scientists, however, it has been reported to us that they may be using our well-known vessel as a cover to avoid suspicion as they capture dolphin calves and sell them on the black market.

We are contractually not allowed to go onboard Lily. So we need your help to break in and find out the truth.

And there is one other problem. We have another group looking for proof.

We thought they were a group like yours. But we just learned, (too late to stop them), that they belong to the eco-terrorist group, The Lost Earth.

It has been reported that The Lost Earth has planted explosives and sunk vessels that were causing damage to the environment.

Unfortunately, your group will need to proceed very carefully as the vessel may be boobytrapped. And you could accidentally get caught in the middle of the eco-terrorists taking revenge on the smugglers!

Your Mission

Break into Lily, a real working boat, and find two things.

  1. Proof of captive dolphins hidden in tanks onboard.
  2. The date and location of the next dolphin sale.

Book online now and free the dolphins from their captors!